Huskie Trading Solutions is full service online trading room designed to educate and inform the student at any skill level. We offer instruction, guidance, and trade examples during day and evening sessions in real time for multiple markets.  


Our Mission

When it comes to trading futures knowledge is key. It's very easy to get confused and frustrated if you don't know what you are doing. My name is Chris Mullaney and I have been in the futures industry for over 25 years. I started on the CME trading floor at the young age of 18 and instantly knew this was what i wanted to do for the rest of my life. I spent years learning the different trading pits and how the business worked. In the late 90's the electronic futures contract came into play and it became very apparent that it wasn't going away. So I dedicated myself to learning a variety of trading methods, and most importantly, methods that work. In 2012 I left the trading floor to pursue opportunities with  2 of the larger "Trading Educational" companies because i wanted to share the knowledge that i have accrued. In November of 2016 i decided to open my own educational trading room specializing in a "Small Group Setting" so the student doesn't feel lost in the crowd, and can maximize their learning experience. 

This is not just a "Trade Calling room". Live trades are taken on a daily basis however my goal is to build independent thinkers who want to know the how and the why. Risk management and price targets are a must for any trader who wants to stay in the game. Managing your emotions is fundamental to proper trade and risk management, and being able to model and consult with a successful trader in real time is extremely important to shortening your learning curve to becoming a successful trader.

I hope all appreciate what they have in their relationship with you... especially the Room... what you showed in the way you did what you did with your students was marvelous!!!! You are a gem and so great to work with!!! Please don’t change!! You make the world a better place.... Thank you, thank you....
— Albert L.

What we do

  • Morning review of markets for possible points of interest for entries during the day, as well as upcoming day's events to be watchful of.
  • On going discussions of all things trading.
  • Real time alerts to points of interest and trade entries.
  • Real time coaching on stop management.
  • Trade reviews, coaching, mentorship.
  • Community discussions of all aspects of trading.
  • Real time updates as the markets rotate from neutral sideways into directional and back.